The Behringer X-touch is a great controller for the XR12, XR16 and XR18 rackmixers in a live situation.

To be able to have real motorized faders is a big plus.

But you still need a screen to see what you're doing.

The X-AIR-Edit app from Behringer is the ideal tool for this. Especially if you run it from a Raspberry Pi.

But it has one major issue. Both X-AIR-Edit and the X-Touch opearte independently and they do not see what the other is doing.

This means that for example if you hit EQ on the X-Touch, the screen remains static and does not follow.

Here comes the X-Air-Control app to the rescue. It detects the buttons you press on the X-touch and controlls the screen of the X-AIR-Edit app.

Now the X-Touch really controls your mixer!

There is now a new updated version available.

This new version is more flexible and also let's you try before you buy

Windows version (64 bit): Download the free trial and the setup manual

Windows version (Win32): Download te free trial and the setup manual

Mac version: Download the free trial and the setup manual 

Raspberry Pi version: Download the free trial and the setup manual

The trial versions have the full capabilities of the full version, but are time limited (after 20 minutes they stop working and need to be restarted)

The full version requires a license.

The license can be bought in the online shop.

The license is based on the use with your X-Touch and mixer. So you can copy the license to any computer, mac or raspberry pi.

As long as you use the same X-Touch and mixer, it will work.

The license is also flexible in that it works if any one of the two devices( X-Touch or Mixer) is used.

Say your mixer breaks down just before the start of a gig and you have a replacement mixer, it will still work as long as you use your X-Touch.

Or you can use another X-Touch but with your Mixer, that also works.

To get a license, go to your Documents folder and you will find a file called X-Air-Control.req

Send this file to sales@lumisoft.be and You will get all the info.