The power of X-Air-Control now comes to the X32 family of mixers.

Control a Behringer X32 mixer or a Midas M32 with the

Behringer X-Touch controller, together with the X32-Edit app or the M32-Edit app like it realy should be.

Now the app screen folows your movement on the X-Touch.

You can setup the user layers with the fader order you like, it will be reflected on the X-Touch.

There is now a free trial version available:

Download links: Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi.

You can purchase a license to make the demo version a full working version. Click here to go to the shop

There is also a manual that can be downloaded here.

The manual is not yet completed, but should get you started. The mnual will be updated regularly, but feel free to experiment with the knobs and buttons to find out how they work.